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another friends cut :c

so I keep looking at my friends list and I either

- don't know who you are
- don't read your entries
- we met at a friends meme and it hasn't clicked and probably won't
- you don't update your lj so idk who you are

don't think because I remove you that means I don't want to be your friend!! a lot of you change names from place to place or have had an lj name change and it's seriously hard for me to keep up. in fact if you have multiple usernames on different sites like lj/twitter/tumblr then please tell me!! or if I accidentally remove you then please let me know!!

for future reference I am:
summanaro on lj & twitter
rrrrrrrr on tumblr & chat
[seungri] rainy day

big show 2011 fanaccount

anons on tumblr bugged me for this, I so I wrote it all out on there and realized I never posted it here. um just copy and pasting most of this aside from changing "my friend" lol um I might write out my trip to korea stuffs? not much to talk about except for stuff I learned.

Here is my fanaccount. Super past due. I wrote the majority the week I got back but then time passed and I thought no one cared, but then an anon kept bugging me. Forgive me since I don’t really remember a lot. It was one giant, awesome 3 hour blur that didn’t even seem like 3 hours. It seemed shorter.

But anyway, here it is, FOR ANON!!! I hope this cut works

Background info: I went to the Saturday show and was standing area 6.

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[big bang] gri

gri recs

so biases wanted some gri recs and I was like I WILL REC YOU SO MANY IDE. and here they are. 19 fics in total. no particular order. more like what I found/remembered first. the majority of them are recent or same author.. sorry lol. if you want more fics than this then I can rec them. I just got tired/bored at 19. there's probably a lot of really good ones I forgot. also keep in mind a lot of these authors have written more gri fics, I just put up my favs.

I've been bitched at for reccing some of these before but whatever. /haters gon hate

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